Favorite Biohack #6 – Ultimate Women’s Wellness Vitamins

I don’t know about you but when I see something on HSN I usually assume its not going to be anything worth buying.  I was wrong, because that is where I found this gem of a product.

Why am I excited about vitamins, you ask? Because this miracle pill has all but banished hot flashes from my life. If you suffer from these, you know they come on at inopportune moments without warning, and without any consideration for what you may have going on. This happened to me ONCE, and (as is usual for me), I said to myself “There has to be a way to hack this.”

Fortunately, there is. I cannot take credit for this find – I was turned onto it by a friend. She said it worked for her and after that one MISERABLE experience, I thought it was worth it to try it. I am glad I did because I haven;t had another one. Worth every cent!

You can buy these direct from Procaps Labs,  the manufacturer,  on Amazon or at HSN. When I wrote this, I noticed Procaps is having a sale, so if you want to try them, now is a good time.  Also, as you know Amazon often uses private sellers, so their availability is sometimes limited.

These are great vitamins just at face value as they are pretty complete. I won’t go into all that, because we all know vitamins are good for us. It is the proprietary blend that knocks out hot flashes that makes these essential to me, and the reason they are on this list.

And, so you know I am not a complete buffoon, I know the photo is not the ultimate version. I mistakenly ordered the wrong ones the last time, but they still seem to be working so I am going with it until the next order.

Check them out. Happy No Hot Flashes!


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