Midlife Mom To Supermom –  The book is my personal story of
how I bio-hacked myself back to sanity from being over-stressed, overwhelmed and over everything.

The Entrepreneur’s Journal –  This is the journal I created that tracks your morning routine, daily tasks, workout, random thoughts and what you are grateful for.

The Entrepreneur’s Journal Vol II –  Volume two, updated with new quotes and expanded thought provoking questions.

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Websites – List of Supplements – Whether you struggle with a chronic health issue or feel you want to improve aspects of your health. Learn more about biohacking.

Life Extension Magazine – Learn more about nutrition, anti-aging supplements, hormones and scientific findings on atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, among others published by Life Extension magazine.

Blogs (website, access to podcasts and You Tube videos)

The Bulletproof Diet – The Bulletproof Diet will challenge—and change—the way you think about weight loss and wellness. Your blueprint for a better life.

Neurogenesis: How to Change Your Brain – There are factors all within our grasp and represent choices we can make to turn on the gene for neurogenesis.


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Shawn Mynar, Keto For Women

Keto Connect, Keto for Normies


Pruvit – All things exogenous (ketones) – Bulletproof coffee, snacks, supplements, and all other Bulletproof products – Graphic tees and hats

Peter Voogd,  Ambition is Priceless Mixtape 1 & 2, Know Yourself (DVDs)